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Shanghai impeller Technology Co., Ltd. is the branch company of Shanghai Pacific Pump Manufacture (Group)Co .,Ltd.  It is a professional manufacturer dedicated to laser welding processing of stainless steel (mainly SS304). At present, the company's main product centrifugal pump impellers are used in multistage pumps and inline centrifugal pumps of various specifications.

We adopts advanced stainless steel plate stamping forming and laser welding technology. We have advanced laser welding equipment, stamping equipment, CNC lathes and other processing equipment, and have a performance test center for water pumps.

Under the scientific and technological guidance of the company's expert team, we continue to research, develop, and improve, and produce a number of series of products that are popular with Chinese and foreign customers, which enhances brand value and industry influence. At present, our company has formed strategic partnerships with most of the leading domestic water pump groups, and the product quality and efficiency have won unanimous praise in the industry. At this stage, our company has a variety of stainless steel impellers of different specifications, and we can design and produce impellers according to the water conservancy design drawings provided by customers.

By studying the stamping process of impeller vanes, front cover plates, and rear cover plates. The impeller made by stamping and laser welding technology has good coupling between the front and rear cover plates and the vanes, avoiding the phenomenon of cross flow between the impeller flow channels. This technology can ensure that the front and rear cover plates do not deform basically, and the welding surface is flat, which can effectively improve the hydraulic performance of stainless steel impact welded impellers.
Stamping welding centrifugal pump impellers Compared to cast impellers, it has the following advantages: smoother flow channels, lighter weight, higher efficiency, and lower cost. And without further processing, it can be directly installed on the water pump.





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